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Supplying Businesses and Households

Five months in this global pandemic, many individuals are still shocked to see many store shelves lacking the products they are used to seeing on a regular and well-stocked basis. This is happening for many reasons.

Hoarding and panicked buying is still very much a common practice. When coveted items like Lysol Spray and Clorox Wipes do make it through the choked up supply chain, these items are hastily snatched up by desperate buyers or eager re-sellers.

To make these items, it takes a lot of different components of chemicals and plastics/packaging - and manufacturers are now reporting shortages to make the items mentioned above.

This is all culminating in unprecedented shortages in products for businesses and households to find.

We have also experienced our fair share of challenges - but we have made significant strides in fortifying our own supply chain and we are now seeing the benefits.

Disinfecting wipes (both 80 wipe and 10 wipe packs), pathogen killing sprays (TB Cide and Hepacide) are now readily-available in our warehouses and shipping out to our customers every day.

While we’ve seen customers fighting each other for popular brand name labels like Lysol and Clorox, many of our customers are recognizing the just as effective alternatives that we have in stock and are proud to offer - and 100% stand by.

Our disinfecting wipes and TB Cide & Hepacide disinfecting sprays have been flying off our shelves - but we are well stocked and ready to serve.