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Responding to COVID-19

As you are likely well-aware, Covid-19 has put a serious strain on the global supply chain which has worked its way through local suppliers and distribution networks. For front line and essential workers, the difficulty in finding quality personal protective equipment (PPE) has been a dangerous challenge. Going further down the distribution channel for small businesses, the difficulty in finding equipment is even higher.

As the world started to react (and overreact: Toilet paper hoarding!), it seemed like every potential Covid-19 fighting product was sold before it could even hit the shelves.

I can openly admit that Globex Environment and our partners were not prepared for the incredible surge for cleaning and PPE products that came about - but we have worked tirelessly to rebuild our supplier network and have also formed timely partnerships with manufacturers to be able to help serve our customers and the general public better.

You may notice some changes to our website and how we are generally going about our operations and business. We have adapted our website to be able to offer high in demand products that have been difficult to find - all at fair prices and to help protect you from the gouging in the marketplace as unreliable sellers enter the marketplace.

If you’re a long-time customer, or a new visitor to our site, I encourage you to stay tuned and to keep in touch as we have many new products being stocked into our warehouses everyday - and ready to rapidly ship from within the US.

As always, we wish you and your family and team stay safe!