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Planning for Reopening

As of today in Massachusetts, the Mayor has announced the reopening of businesses across three stages. This is exciting and scary news at the same time.

For people tired of being cooped up in their houses and being socially-distant from their friends and family, this news is a ray of sunshine to look forward to and will help put away the gloomy days we’ve been living in. But amidst all of this optimism, is an urgent need to keep everyone safe and to keep the curve flat or downwards trending. Face coverings, frequent hand washing and social distance should all be part of the ‘new normal’.

For businesses, small and large, Covid-19 has been a painful process from layoffs, months without income and mounting bills, and an uncertain future once business is allowed to resume. The challenges to business are huge.

Globex Environment has had to make a lot of changes to our business and we are here to help all businesses navigate and prepare for the inevitable changes ahead. Now more than ever, businesses will need to work together and we are here to support you in these times of need.

Please browse through our catalog of products and if you have needs beyond our offerings, please contact us and we would be happy to connect you to partners within our network who may be able to help.