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New Product Developments

We are very excited about two new partnerships we have formed which will benefit Globex customers.

We have recently signed on to become an exclusive distributor of Medbank Infrared Thermometers. These thermometers are non-contact and of the highest quality we have seen available to the US market. Workers returning to the office or workplace should not exhibit any high fever or temperature and thermometers can help with that.

While temperature readings are not 100% able to protect workplaces and the public from the spread of Covid-19, they can help identify someone who potentially has a fever and merits a closer look. Given that one person can spread this highly contagious disease, preventing said person from entering a public space is a necessary precaution. Many businesses are in need of this product and demand has been high.

We also have become a partner with a business in St. Louis for signage and pedestrian traffic control. We now offer a wide variety of signage and stickers for use in public space and businesses to maintain social distance or control congestion and foot traffic. The signs are great and a necessity to keeping your place of business under control from spreading/contracting Covid-19. Turnaround time for the signs is 48 hours so we can have you quickly prepared to welcome the public back into your space.

Looking forward to more updates!