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Managing Uncertainty in the Supply Chain

Political conflicts, slowly awakening production giants, surging demand… these issues on their own would all cause significant challenges in a supply chain. Well, combining the three of them together and adding a deadly global health crisis, we have entered unprecedented territory.

In the earlier stages of this pandemic, it was disappointing for us to be unable to keep up with demand and we could see the serious strain on our suppliers as well.

In the days since, we have been able to expand on our supply chain and form new partnerships. This has led to some exciting developments and we are now in more control - at a time when businesses are feeling more helpless as their reliance and trust in global trade have gotten shakier.

Globex Environment now operates on a more national scale, with fulfilment centers and suppliers all over North America. This pandemic has caused immeasurable damage to the economy and the world, but opportunities have also been available and we are proud to be able to come out of this as a better business.

We have gone from being a local Massachusetts business serving customers within our state, and are now a fully e-commerce enabled business with a global reach.

For existing customers, we still offer the same high quality service and products right to your door and now with our larger focus, we are able to bring in a wider range of new products and services.

The new and improved Globex Environment is happy to serve a whole new world of customers and keep everyone safe.