About GXE

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Globex Environment (GXE) is one of Massachusetts’ premier one-stop shops for cleaning and maintenance supplies. We cater to industrial, commercial and institutional markets, as well as to the hospitality and food services industry.


With a commitment to exploring new ideas and finding new products, GXE is always one step ahead of the competition. This enables us to offer the best possible products, at the most affordable prices, to our customers at all times.


With global supply chains becoming constrained, we have recently had to pivot our focus and rebuild our network of suppliers and contacts. We have also invested in new ventures and projects which will allow us (and our customer base) to be prepared for the changes this recent global health crisis has brought on.

When Covid-19 first hit, our customer demands surged and we experienced serious challenges trying to meet those needs. Our distributors were struggling to keep up and we recognized an over-reliance on a few manufacturers. 

With partners in California and Ohio, we have expanded our reach and are now able to draw on a well-integrated network of partners to get our customers the products they need in a timely and reliable fashion. 

With our local footprint in Massachusetts and high-capacity fulfillment centers across the US, we are ready to open up our supply chain to you during this time of need.